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Curtin University
New Curtin University Enterprise Agreement

Bargaining Process

As part of the process for initiating bargaining for a new enterprise agreement for Curtin Sport and Recreation Services, staff have received (via email) a Notice of  Representational Rights. The notice advised staff members of their right to appoint a bargaining representative (which may be themselves) to participate in negotiations for the agreement and to represent them in matters before the Fair Work Commission. The University must be advised of the appointment, via email to:

Staff who are members of a union which is entitled to represent their interests in relation to work performed under the enterprise agreement, will be represented by that union (unless they appoint an alternative bargaining representative).

Bargaining representatives must meet good faith bargaining requirements, including:

  • recognising and bargaining with other bargaining representatives to develop a proposed agreement;
  • participating in meetings;
  • disclosing relevant information;
  • responding to proposals made by other bargaining representatives;
  • genuinely considering proposals from other bargaining representatives;
  • refraining from capricious or unfair conduct.

Non-compliance with these requirements may result in a bargaining order from the Fair Work Commission.

Once an in principle enterprise agreement has been developed, it will be put to a ballot of Curtin Sport and Recreation Services staff.  If staff members vote in favour of the new agreement, it will be submitted to the Fair Work Commission for approval.  The approval process ensures the agreement meets national employment standards and that staff members will be better off overall under the new agreement.

Further information on the bargaining process is available on the Fair Work Commission website.