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Curtin University
New Curtin University Enterprise Agreement

Curtin Sport and Recreation

Curtin University is currently bargaining for a new Academic Professional and General Staff Enterprise Agreement.  As part of this process, the creation of a new enterprise agreement (EA) specifically for Curtin Sport and Recreation staff (currently covered under the general Curtin EA) has been proposed. The new Sport and Recreation EA will be industry-specific and more relevant for people working in the fitness industry.

Curtin Sport and Recreation staff have been informed of the proposed changes, the bargaining process, as well as their representational rights.  A new Curtin Sport and Recreation EA will assist this valued area of our University to embrace future challenges and opportunities, using our bargaining principles of:

                   SIMPLE      -      CONTEMPORARY      -      FAIR

Updates on the bargaining process will soon be available on the Latest News page.  Further details on the objectives and reasoning for a new Curtin Sport and Recreation EA will soon be found on the Proposed Changes and Bargaining Process pages.

Feedback, questions and comments can be submitted via the eba-feedback email address.