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Curtin University
New Curtin University Enterprise Agreement

Bargaining Process

All bargaining representatives are required to recognise and bargain with the other bargaining representatives for the proposed agreement.  Bargaining representatives are required to meet good faith bargaining requirements, including:

  • participating in meetings
  • disclosing relevant information
  • responding to proposals made by other bargaining representatives in a timely manner
  • genuinely considering proposals of other representatives
  • refraining from capricious or unfair conduct.

Non-compliance with these requirements may result in a bargaining order from the Fair Work Commission.

Bargaining representatives have been participating in negotiation meetings to discuss proposals and attempt to reach in principle agreement for Curtin's new enterprise agreement.  Curtin staff members can view regular updates on progress and any important issues arising through the Latest News section of this webpage, as well as in 'Curtin Weekly'.  Consultation with employees will also continue, as outlined in the Staff Consultation & Feedback section of this website.

Staff members can provide feedback and ask questions through the eba-feedback email address.