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Curtin University
New Curtin University Enterprise Agreement

A new enterprise agreement for Curtin

The Curtin University Academic Professional and General Staff Enterprise Agreement 2012-2016 reaches notional expiry date on 30 June 2016, however, it remains in use until it is replaced.  Curtin has commenced the enterprise agreement making process to develop a new, updated agreement for our academic, professional and general staff.

This website will keep you informed on Curtin's progress in developing our new agreement.

A joint statement (Embracing Future Opportunities) was published by the vice-chancellors of Western Australia's public universities, outlining the issues we share in responding to the rapidly changing global higher education environment.  It reflects our common need, as a sector, to remain relevant and viable and ensure WA universities continue to be great places to work.

To ensure we embrace our future challenges and opportunities, the new agreement for Curtin will be built around the following principles:


More details on Curtin's objectives for the new agreement and the reasoning behind them are available on the Proposed Changes and Background pages.

It is important that all staff are able to contribute to our enterprise agreement discussions.  There have already been a number of staff consultation sessions to discuss emerging sector trends and explore ideas about how we can best position Curtin for the future.  Consultations and communications will continue widely throughout the bargaining period to ensure all staff members are provided with opportunities to express their views and remain informed.

Find out more about how to contribute to the new enterprise agreement on the Staff Consultation and Feedback page.